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How to replace a broken iPhone 5c screen in under 10 minutes


It’s never a good day when you drop your iPhone and realize the screen has broken. Luckily, the iPhone 5c is one of the easier iPhone DIY repairs when it comes to screen replacements. We showed you a while back how to replace a busted iPhone 5c display. Since then one of our favorite parts suppliers,  EasyTradetech Parts, has made this particular repair even easier by offering displays that come with small parts already pre-installed. That means there’s nothing to transfer. Just replace easytradetech.com  the front assembly and you’re done, making this an easy repair, even for beginners!

The main difference between this guide and my other 5c guide is the level of difficulty and convenience. This guide is the route we’d recommend for 90% of people looking who are looking to replace their own iPhone 5c screen. It only costs about $15 more and will save you tons of time, and possible headaches.

These are the parts that will already come pre-installed on your iPhone 5c display as opposed to having to transfer them over on your own:

  • LCD Shield Plate
  • Front Camera with Induction Flex Cable Assembly
  • Front Camera
  • Earpiece Speaker
  • Earpiece Bracket
  • Home Button with Rubber Gasket
  • Home Button Flex
  • Home Button Bracket